Want a Stronger Core? This 15-Minute Climber's Core Workout Is Everything You've Ever Wanted

Want a Stronger Core? This 15-Minute Climber's Core Workout Is Everything You've Ever Wanted

I know, I know, there are a million and a half core workouts out there. You could strengthen your core in so many ways but I don't think that's a bad thing – there are many ways to do one thing. You just have to figure out which way is the right way for you!

Seeing that you and I are both climbers, this training program will probably be aligned with your goals! So here I am, offering a peek into what I do for core training... for free! 

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I've been a trainer for over 14 years now and once I started climbing, I adapted my training to match my goals.

The Climber's Core Workout is actually a super intensive guide to fully understanding your core and which exercises are best for climbing-specific training. Working out is one thing, but actually training for your sport is totally different.

Need to work on high feet? 
Need to work on slab balances?
Need to work on that "just stand up" move?

I've got an exercise for that.

I think the biggest misconception about core training is to get "abs", but the true importance lies way deeper than that. "Abs" are a fun perk if they come, but as climbers, your goal is to stay injury free and on the wall for as long as possible. That can only happen if you start truly focusing on core training

My guide includes a high level background on what your core is because it's crucial to understand WHAT you are training so you can make better decisions outside of this guide as well. Plus, I have 3 unique sets of exercises to do depending on what your goal is. 

 MONOPKT Best Core Workout

Plus, I've got these fun guys to help demonstrate your muscles! Okay, "fun" might be an exaggeration, but they sure are helpful!

MONOPKT Best Climbing Core Workout

Plus, once you're ready to get going with your training, this is my favorite climbing training journal to keep track in!

Okay, you ready for your free Climber's Core Workout? All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter and it'll be delivered right to your inbox! 

Get your Climber's Core Workout! 


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