28 Top Rock Climbing Gifts For The Climbers In Your Life

28 Top Rock Climbing Gifts For The Climbers In Your Life

It's that time of year again! I feel like I say this every single year, but how did we get here?! It's been an especially wild year (we don't need to actually talk about this, right?), so it feels really nice to have some feeling of normalcy again with the holidays.

Whether you're looking to pamper yourself or find the perfect rock climbing gift for your crazy climbing friend/family/significant other, you've come to the right place.

Nick has been climbing for five years and I've been climbing for four, so we've really spent a lot of time testing and trying out a ton of climbing products. We mostly love to rope up when we climb, but we equally love our time bouldering, too!

If you're looking for gifts for rock climbers, this gift guide is organized by activity - bouldering, sport and trad climbing, and if you're not sure what your person loves best, we even have a section for general climbing. You can also check out our gift guide from last year!

Before we delve into the full list, if you're just looking for an all-around top climbing gift for any climber, we just have to share The Climbing Journal with you! 


Okay, yes, we made this nifty little climbing journal but it has hands down been our absolute best-selling product of all time! This fun little kraft notebook can hold 35 of your most memorable climbs and 11 adventure doodles. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to bring along with you anywhere. If you're looking for the perfect rock climbing gift, this is seriously it.  

Gifts for Boulderers 

Rolflex PRO Leverage Compression High Density Foam Roller, $69.95

Whenever we boulder, we are ALWAYS extra sore! This mobile foam roller can massage any body part but it's extra perfect for forearms. It's a must for the climber who loves to focus on recovery. 

Here For The Send Men's Hand Tie-Dye Shirt and Women's Hand Tie-Dye Tank, $42

Featured in Gear Junkie's list of Emerging Gear, these hand tie-dyed tanks are personally dyed by us! Yes, we spend an entire weekend making these shirts for you! You'll love these super soft and flattering tees and tanks that are made for you to inspire your next send! 

We love a good quality crash pad and Organic makes amazing ones in a few sizes (we love the full-sized one) that are both functional and stunning.


Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoes, $189
Okay, these are one of our FAVORITE bouldering shoes. They come in men's (orange) and women's (teal), and they are made to help you stay on even the smallest footholds.  

Crimpin Ain't Easy Men's Shirt and Women's Racerback Crop, $32
This is our classic and most popular design here at monopkt! If you know your person is reaaaalllllly into bouldering, they'll get this joke as soon as they open up your gift.


Yosemite Valley Bouldering - New & Updated Guidebook, $49
If you know a boulderer who loves to outdoor climb, you have to get them this classic bouldering guide! It was JUST released this year so you're going to have the most updated and accurate climbs. This is a MUST.

Gifts for Sport Climbers

Black Diamond Vision Helmet, $99.95
This helmet is our go-to favorite. Our past foam helmets got dinged up and cracked easily. The foam in this helmet is a lot more dense while the top shield is more durable.

Trango Catalyst Rope 70m 9.0 mm, $232.46
We've talked about this rope before, but it AWESOME. It's light, durable, and having a 70m rope has proven helpful no matter where we climb. Plus, this color is so stunning!

I'll Never Let Go Sticker, $5
These sweet stickers are made for climbing partners to remind each other that they've got each other's back!

Mountain Time Unisex Tee, $32
Every climber loves the mountains! This fun unisex tee is super soft and features a monochrome mountain print.

Black Diamond Hot Forge Quick Draws - Pack of 6, $99.95
We recently switched to these quick draws because they've been updated in design. It's really easy and smooth to clip, durable, and let's be honest - they look reeeeaaalllllyyyy good.


Director of Rope Management Women's Tee or Men's Tee, $22.40
For the climber who loves ropes - keeping them tidy, coiled, clean, and knotted!

Gifts for Trad Climbers

Cracks Are My Jam Sticker, $5
This is our most popular sticker among trad climbers! When you are trad climbing, you climb a looooot of cracks. At first, they're hard. And then over time, they become your best friend and quite possibly become your jam.

Never Stop Climbing Unisex Tee, $32
For the climbing-obsessed climber, this one is a super soft and fun shirt that reminds you to keep on pushing towards your dreams and goals. 

Metolious Multiloop Gear Sling & Organizer, $24
When you get into trad climbing, there starts to be SO. MUCH. GEAR. You have cams, draws, slings, carabiners, belay devices... it starts to get really crazy! This gear sling and organizer does a great job of keeping things in place.

La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing Shoes, $190
These have been our trusty go-to trad shoes for the past few years. They are on the pricey side, but they are perfect for crack climbing. The high ankle allows you to get deeper into the cracks and the lace-up lets the shoe mold to your foot.


Trango Rack Tags, $5.95
When you start sharing your rack and gear with a partner, it's easy to start mixing everything up. Label your gear with these durable and easy-to-use rack tags!

Mammut Multi-pitch Chalk Bag, $39.95
This is my new FAVORITE chalk bag. I used to think that all chalk bags were made the same, but this one has the most thoughtful pockets, straps, cords, and designs to store allll of the things.


Best Gifts For Any Rock Climber

Climbing Sweater, $68
This suuupppeeerrr soft and cozy sweater lets everyone know which sport you love best!

Mountain Hardwear 30L Backpack, $140
Okay, we are OBSESSED with backpacks and this one is one the top of our list. The fabric is a heavy duty and lightweight canvas and the pockets are made with climbers in mind.

Patagonia Linked Pack 28L, $129 
We use this lil guy for quick day trips and it's great to throw in all of our snacks and gear. The quick access top makes it easy to access what we need and the thoughtful loops make it easy to hang the extras.

Stryve Biltong Snacks, $6.99
For long days at the crag or gym, fueling up with good food is so important! Stryve Biltong is our favorite go-to healthy, high-protein, and no added sugar snack. 

Keep Me Wild Women's Racerback Crop, $32
This fun tank is for the climbing girl who wants to be one with the Earth, wild, and free!

Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park Drawings, $20
These gorgeous national park drawings are done by our very good friend and San Francisco-based artist Henry Gao! They make us feel like we're in our favorite places when we can't actually be there.

Metolious Simulator 3D Training Board, $79
This thing helped us survive the most intense parts of quarantine! It's a must for the climber who wants to continue building finger strength within the comfort of their own home. 

Rise & Wander Prints of the Outdoors, starting at $32
Our good friend Aftyn over at Rise & Wander makes THE COOLEST outdoor inspired artwork! You can even watch her IG videos to see how each piece is crafted just for you. We're obsessed!

Climb All The Rocks Water Bottle, $32
Staying hydrated is important! This awesome vacuum insulated 40oz water bottle is the perfect companion for any adventure. 

Penguin Fingers Cold Compression, $25.95
Another perfect recovery item! Penguin fingers helps cool down inflamed tendons from hard climbing and can help you heal up faster. 


 Which one of these products are your favorite?! We hope this helped you find the perfect rock climbing gift for the climber in your life (or maybe even yourself)! 

Need some more ideas? Shop monopkt. today, your home for climbing gifts and apparel!


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