The Best 25-Minute Flexibility and Mobility Routine for Climbers

The Best 25-Minute Flexibility and Mobility Routine for Climbers

Before I started MONOPKT, I was (and still am) a full-on fitness instructor. I started out teaching cardio kickboxing in 2009 and then eventually progressed to teaching HIIT, Spinning, TRX, and Yoga. You name it, I probably taught it! In fact, one of my favorite classes was a Friday night Cycle Karaoke class... that's right, we cycled and passed around a microphone and karaoked our little hearts out.

I digress.

Once I started climbing in 2016, I found the magic of adapting my fitness training to reach my climbing goals. If I couldn't get a high foot, I'd spend the next few weeks refining my oblique strength and working on hip openers. If a dyno seemed out of reach (they always are, FYI), I'd focus on kettlebell swings and vertical jumps to get them to translate. And you know what? It would help so much. 

What you do off the wall will always affect your performance on the wall. 

With this simple but super effective piece of knowledge in mind, why don't we do more cross training?

Well... that's easy. Cross training means less time on the wall, of course! We'd rather be climbing than not climbing. Am I right or am I right?

BUT, think about this: the more cross training you do to prepare your body for climbing, the more longevity you will have.

If you warm up your fingers and wrists properly, your tendons won't be as mad when you start crimping. 

If you sneak in a hip opening routine, your hips will be 10000% more prepared to snag that high foot. 

If you spend time opening up your side body, your reach will magically feel longer in moments you wish you were taller. 

Are you on the same page with me?! Yes, yes you are!

I'm excited to bring to you my 25-minute super fun flexibility and mobility routine designed especially for climbers! We tap into wrists, shoulders, chest, hips, and hamstring mobility. You can do this as a long warm up or cool down, or work it in a few times a week on your rest days. 

Have any other requests? Lemme know, I'm all ears!

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