If You Want To Hear From An Honest and Open Climber, You Want Jeremy Arntz

If You Want To Hear From An Honest and Open Climber, You Want Jeremy Arntz

Jeremy is one of those guys that will tell you exactly like it is because he likes to live his life being true to himself. He started his Instagram account, @sleepeatclimbrepeat, because he hoped to inspire at least one person out there. Well, 13.4K people later, his hopes blossomed into something much more than just one person.

Since then, he has also gone on to co-found Thicc Climbing, described as: A community of climbers who are THICC in the way they wear their love, courage, and skin." He's a strong and sound voice in our climbing community and we're grateful for role models like Jeremy, who are paving the way for future generations of climbers. 

Image by Lauri Johnston

Jeremy Arntz
He calls Austin, TX home
He's a Senior Software Engineer
You can find him topping out at Austin Rock Gym, Crux Climbing Center or Austin Bouldering Project
If you get a text from him asking to hang out this weekend, it's probably to climb at Rogers Park in Belton, TX

Do you remember your first time climbing? We want all of the details - when, where, why, how, and more!

It was probably 1999 or 2000 my friend Jassen and I went to South Austin Rock Gym (RIP) and we top roped. Other than those details I really don't remember the experience. 

My first time bouldering was November 12th, 2016. My friend Walter and I went to Austin Bouldering Project. We both fell in love with climbing and we still climb together.

What has your climbing journey been like? What are your goals for this year and beyond?
It's been a lot of ups and downs. Before I broke my ankle I was climbing higher grades, but when I came back I spent some time working Power Company Climbing and my technique has improved. In my opinion, I'm a better climber now and I'll keep working to get back to the higher grades, but I'm having fun and that's all that matters.
My goals are a little weird since they are a bit more focused on climbing related activities, but I feel like they all feed into me climbing harder and inspire me to work harder.
My main goal for this year is to get better at climbing photography which is a huge goal with many things to learn: how to use the camera, composing a good photo, editing, etc. In the fall I'm going to learn how to set a static line and ascend it so I can take photos of sport climbing. Keeping up with a group of climbers and being in a good position to photograph them, from my limited experience, requires a decent amount of fitness so this goal dovetails with my fitness goals. After 2+ years of being completely focused on climbing it's nice to have a hobby that's climbing adjacent. 
My other big goal for the year is to clean and develop some new boulder problems with my climbing friends.
I also want to do whatever I can to support my friends as they work towards their goals. I'm so lucky to be part of an awesome group that's very supportive of my goals and I want to make sure I'm doing the same for them.
What have been the most exciting and challenging parts of your climbing journey?
The most exciting thing has been seeing what my body is capable of. The most challenging thing has been dealing with injuries. 
What does your climbing and training program look like?
I climb 4-5 times a week. 3x a week I do cardio and resistance training after my 90 min climbing session. When it's outdoor climbing season in central Texas, all bets are off. I get outside whenever possible and do my best to get in some training when time allows.
You have an awesome Instagram account, @sleepeatclimbrepeat. Tell us a little more about why you started your account and your vision.
Thanks, I've put a lot of work into it! I started it because I didn't see anyone that looked like me, older and heavier, posting on Instagram. I thought if one other person like me found my account and was inspired that would be awesome. My vision for the account is simple: to share my climbing journey honestly and as openly as I possibly can. Which at the moment is not only sharing videos of my climbing but climbing photos I've taken. I share the other aspects of my journey through my Instagram stories and IGTV vlogs.
You've showcased quite a few injuries on your page, including a tendon tear, gnarly climbing hold cuts, and even a tibia fracture. Can you tell us more about what happened and how you survived the recovery process?
So in the three years I've been climbing I've: broken my ankle and had to have surgery to repair it, partially torn a tendon in my left ring finger, sustained a very minor fracture to the head of my left tibia, and have/has inflammation in the tendon in my left pinky. I've also had my gallbladder removed which, obviously, isn't a climbing related, but I still had to take 6 weeks off. I often joke that 90% of climbing is injury management and that's almost not a joke. Pretty much all of my injuries have been from giving it "one more try" even though I was already tired. 

Have questions for Jeremy? Share them below! You can also find him on Instagram @sleepeatclimbrepeat.

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