How To Become a Better Rock Climber: 12 Questions to Ask Yourself

How To Become a Better Rock Climber: 12 Questions to Ask Yourself

So, you've been climbing for a while...

Maybe you've plateaued.
Maybe you're happy with where you are but you're looking for your next big goals. 
Maybe you're just curious where this whole thing is going to take you. 

As the seasons change and we start to think about what's next, there's no better time to start reflecting and planning than right now. It's easy to get stuck in a routine with your climbing, but with just a little of thought and focus, you could starting honing on some of your most exciting climbing goals.

Climb a big wall?
Attempt that crazy project?
Approach the ropes section at your gym? 

Yup, we're coming for ya.  

Why Rock Climbers Should Journal

Journaling is an introspective practice that allows you to dive deep into your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, providing a clear panorama of your current state and illuminating the path towards your goals. If you have the chance to do more consistent journaling (each session, weekly, or monthly), you'll be able to:

  • Track Progress: Document your climbs, the challenges faced, and the triumphs celebrated.

  • Identify Patterns: Recognize consistent challenges or barriers that impede your climbing progress.

  • Set and Refine Goals: Establish clear, achievable objectives and continuously refine them based on your evolving skills and aspirations.

  • Embrace Mindfulness: Become more attuned to your mental and emotional state during climbs, enhancing focus and resilience.

(P.S. Need a place to journal all these thoughts? We love this Adventure Notebook to capture all your thoughts!)

12 Questions Every Climber Should Ask Themselves

Alright, grab your pens and papers – let's get started! Here are some pivotal questions to ponder upon and include in your climbing journal:

  1. Why Do I Climb? Explore the emotional and physical reasons behind your inclination towards rock climbing.

  2. What Are My Climbing Goals? Define short-term and long-term objectives, ensuring they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART).

  3. What Challenges Do I Consistently Encounter? Identify recurring obstacles, whether they are specific climbing moves, mental barriers, or physical limitations.

  4. How Do I Feel During and After Climbing? Reflect on your emotional and physical state, understanding the impact of climbing on your body and mind.

  5. What Are My Strengths and Weaknesses? Acknowledge the skills you excel at and areas that require improvement.

  6. What Do I Love About Climbing? What Holds Me Back? Explore what keeps you going vs. what may be hindering you.

  7. What Have I Learned from My Failures and Successes? Analyze instances of triumphs and setbacks, extracting valuable lessons from each.

  8. How Can I Enhance My Physical Fitness for Climbing? Identify areas of physical fitness (e.g., strength, flexibility, endurance) that can be improved to enhance your climbing abilities.

  9. What Climbing Techniques Do I Need to Work On? Pinpoint specific climbing techniques that pose challenges or could be further refined.

  10. How Do I Celebrate My Achievements? Reflect on how you acknowledge and reward your successes, ensuring that accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.

  11. What Inspires Me to Push My Limits? Explore the motivations that drive you to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone.

  12. Where Do I See Myself in My Climbing Journey a Year from Now? Five Years From Now? Envision your future self, considering where you aspire to be in your climbing journey and what it takes to get there.

So, What's Next?

Take your time in reflecting on these questions and then keep your responses in a safe place. It's really fun looking back on these in a few months or a year to see what your mindset was. What's changed? What's stayed the same?

For actionable next steps, we love this Climbing Training Journal to help track everyday progress or this Climbing Journal to track your favorite adventures! 

Now there's nothing left to do but climb! Have fun!

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